10 July 2008


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Fullerton, California, July 10, 2008 — Just when California thought the term “Call Box” was becoming obsolete, the action-oriented artist organization, LOOKFORSIGNS.ORG, dreamt up a concept that not only enables the “Call Box” to continue it’s life, but aims for safer roadways.

For years the current blue-sign, yellow-phone Call Box has been a roadside emergency phone providing assistance to motorists in trouble, allowing them to report a road hazard or vehicle breakdowns. Today, motorists are using their own cellphones to alert officials. But, as of July 1, 2008, California passed a new law prohibiting the use of cellphones without a headset while driving a vehicle. While the law allows forgiveness for emergency phone calls, LOOKFORSIGNS.ORG sees all cellphone usage as equal and feels the need to create dedicated space along the highways and city streets for motorists to make calls. These proposed redefined Call Boxes, are literally just that – a box for making calls. They provide a safe solution for those whose ears are sensitive to the intrusion of a headset/ear piece.

Similar to a drive-thru or pit-stop, whether it's personal or an emergency, these redefined Call Boxes are parking spaces off the road in which motorists are allowed to pull into and make a safe phone call.

As cellphones are becoming as common as shoes, and the times and laws are in action, change is necessary. But reactions are inevitable. The Redefining the Call Box in California concept is developing daily and can be followed on the LOOKFORSIGNS.ORG Web site.

For more information or if you would like to share a reaction to LOOKFORSIGNS.ORG’S reaction, please visit lookforsigns.org.

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