14 July 2008

F.A.Q.'s for "Redefining the Call Box."

What is LOOKFORSIGNS.ORG reacting to?
California's new law: 2008 Vehicle Code Division 11, Chapter 12, Article 1 Section 23123 prohibiting hand-held wireless phone usage while driving.

LOOKFORSIGNS.ORG sees ALL cellphone use as EQUAL. It's more than merely having a phone in your hand that causes distractions while driving... IT'S ENGAGING IN ANOTHER TASK WHILE DRIVING period. Texting is legal. 2-way radios (Nextel) are legal. Speaker phone is legal. Headsets are legal. But we believe that if you impose a law, don't impose it only half way. It's a fair assumption to say that there will not be any LESS traffic accidents, but only MORE traffic ticket revenue following this new law.

What's the big idea?
LOOKFORSIGNS.ORG is more than just posting signs for art's sake. We see an issue and we address it. "Redefining the Call Box" addresses a problem that goes beyond just wearing a headset while driving. We understand the reason California enforced the headset law, but more importantly, as we dwell on the "Redefining the Call Box" concept, we realize the importance of it and feel the need for it to become real. And the list of reasons continues to grow as we think of it's potential.

When someone is engaged in a conversation on the road with another who is not on the road via cellphone, they are not fully focused on the road. Just because there is not a phone in one hand, does not mean the motorist is fully capable of driving safer.

Redefining the Call Box is the solution to a safer highway.

How does it work?

Basically, the "new" Call Boxes" are drive-thru talking areas. You pull your vehicle into a Call Box, talk your talk, and move on. See the many images posted at lookforsigns.org.

I'm into this concept and I have ideas to share. How do I get involved?
that's easy, just email fred@brianprince.com. The more brainstorm, the better.

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